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Known to the industry as 'Dragons8mycat', I'm a multiplatform 'geoninja' with experience in innovating solutions and my heart lies with consulting & helping others gain the geospatial advantage. With almost a decades experience providing geospatial support for most of the UK's onshore and offshore wind farms, I am well versed in working with both the offshore and onshore environments and datum. As part of the work I've had to be innovative and along the way built Asset Management Systems, Vessel Traffic (AIS) Analysis systems, Data management solutions, Enterprise Mapping solutions and even primary consultant on a bespoke Shipping Risk Assessment system (NAViRA) As well as my previous appointments within Government and Ordnance Survey, I have had also lots of experience across the industry, working with the nuclear, utility & Commercial sectors. Although I have worked with ESRI systems my entire career, over the last decade, partly due to company's wanting to save on costs, I have been heavily involved with QGIS, providing them with some fixes and documentation support. I also provide training on QGIS & ArcGIS Pro. Since becoming chartered, I have pledged to promote 3D GIS as a platform so that we can analyse the world as we truly see it. I am also pleased to say that I am the UK correspondent for xyHt magazine, a geospatial magazine which has a readership in the order of 50,000+ A portfolio of some of my work can be found on Flickr: Dragons8mycat Flickr

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