GIS Tips – Be more efficient with QGIS too!

Yesterday I wrote “GIS Tips – Be more efficient without trying” and realised my mistake when I woke this morning, I wrote “GIS” and spoke entirely about ArcGIS. Truth is, you cannot work in the field of GIS with just one software, until recently I was mostly working with consultancies and agencies who use ArcGIS. Recently though, I have found more requests coming from some industry leaders for QGIS templates or QGIS format files….is this the turn of the tide? It will be interesting to see when QGIS 2.0 comes out on June 7th 2013.

How does this all relate to the title? Well, if you weren’t aware, QGIS has shortcuts too, in fact it has a plethora of shortcuts and where shortcuts don’t exist, you can define your own!

Here is a list of the QGIS shortcuts: webpage

What is really useful is that both ArcGIS and QGIS share a lot of the same shortcuts, for example – undo last edit, copy feature, paste feature, zoom in, zoom out, new project and save all use the same shortcuts. The really great thing about QGIS is that if you go to SETTINGS, you can select CONFIGURE KEYBOARD SHORTCUTS to then use other keyboard shortcuts you may be using within ArcGIS.

So, what’s stopping you? configure those shortcuts like “refresh” and “zoom to layer” and you will make enough time to set up that GIS web page you said you’d get around to…

Nick D

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