GIS Tips – Styling Ordnance Survey Open Data


How many of us have sat there for hours adjusting the RGB values of the OS Vectormap District or wasted a day setting the line weights of Boundary Line?….Only me? Thought as much….

Well, the frustration is over, it appears that Ordnance Survey now supply style files so that the Ordnance Survey style can be applied, using your GIS software of choice, to the OS OpenData vector products, they are available here:

Link to OS Open Data styles are here: SLD Format

Okay, no biggy, did you know that Ordnance Survey have also released the sea tiles (up to the UK Median) as well?

Link to OS Sea Tiles are here: GIS Format

All in all, Ordnance Survey have turned the tide and are now providing some quality data which, for the casual user or basic GIS technician, is superb, especially for a free open licence product! I must admit, 5yrs ago I never thought I would be using a FREE vector UK national coverage data.

OS Open Data can be downloaded here: Ordnance Survey Open Data download site

Nick D

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