SeaZone Hydrospatial Base available to view and buy online!!

This is a breakthrough for the offshore industry, hydrospatial data available to view online, let alone purchase! I recommend checking this out!

From SeaZone 17th May 2013:

Free-to-view’ improved marine vector mapping at  

with enhanced map selection and soundings

SeaZone continues to improve the visual experience of its on-line marine map shop with the release of an enhanced version of its vector marine mapping product, ‘HydroSpatial Base’. More of the useful features that you receive when you download HydroSpatial Base are now available when viewing the data in You are now able to see features such as soundings, restricted areas, lights, navigational buoys, pipelines, cables and much more for free!

At the higher zoom levels there is even more detail than ever before, making the selection of marine data easier and providing our customers with greater confidence in the product that they are purchasing.

Map tile selection is now even easier as well. Either select your area of interest using the selection tools, or use a KML file. Simply create your area of interest in KML using GIS desktop software, or even Google Earth, then upload it to The tiles that are intersecting your KML file will automatically be selected and all you have to do is click ‘Order Now’.

And remember…It can now take only a few minutes for your data to be available to download once you have placed your order! 

To view and select data for free, please set up an account at;

For further information about HydroSpatial Base please visit the SeaZone website:

Our product pages at have direct links to everything available at the SeaZone Shop

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