GIS Tips – How Do I do that in QGIS?

ArcGIS is expensive and it is out of reach for many small companies or home businesses, so I often get asked how to do many of the tasks in Quantum GIS (QGIS). It’s no secret that Quantum provide all their documentation free online and it is easy to pick up and read.

What I found really useful is this, it is a page of “How do I do it in QGIS?” which goes through videos and walkthroughs on how to perform many of the routine tasks.

If you have never used QGIS, are starting out with QGIS or are just looking to expand your QGIS capability, I would highly recommend looking at this:

Source: QGIS Wiki June 2013



Dealing with Vector Layer Attributes

Dealing with Vector Geometries

Dealing with Rasters

Spatial Analysis


File conversions

Map Creation


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