Map Knitter…Why didn't anyone tell me?!

I was watching the Gadget Show last night, my one guilty pleasure before I get my teeth into some home based GIS and they start talking about balloon photography…..all very interesting and my mind starts trying to figure out how they are going to explain the complex art of stitching the images together to get something useful….

What comes next is unbelievable, 2 complete non geospatial nerds whizzing around georeferencing image after image, in the 30 seconds they are on screen, they have already georeferenced 6 images!! How did they do it? MapKnitter

MapKnitter was designed and built for balloon mapping, the interface is simple and the controls intuitive. Watching complete noobs pick this up and create aerial imagery of their suburb is jaw dropping to watch, here is the introduction video: Here

Question is, WHY would you want this when you may have ArcGIS or QGIS to hand? SPEED! This tiday little tool, although it might not have the preciseness of its GIS processing superiors, it has the speed and simplicity to knock them to the ground…..with this tool you could easily georeference a whole town to a reasonable level of accuracy and then tidy it up in ArcGIS or QGIS.

MapKnitter allows for Geotiff export & Mosicing/Stitching, is open source and is really quick to get used to, still not convinced? Have a look at some of the examples posted on their site to see how nice the stiitching and colouring is:

Nick D

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