SeaZone Hydrospatial One free to browse!!

SeaZone’s flagship ‘HydroSpatial One’ free-to-browse at

SeaZone is proud to announce that its flagship product HydroSpatial One is now available to view free on-line from the SeaZone web-store,  Focusing on UK waters, HydroSpatial One is the original and leading “off-the-shelf” authoritative digital marine map, engineered and maintained using raw material from hydrographic offices and other agencies managing marine data.

HydroSpatial One provides the most comprehensive single source reference information for the marine environment and is designed for easy access and cost effective use in desktop and WebGIS, satisfying the majority of user needs and applications. Users can now browse this unique and comprehensive mapping data on-line to select what’s most appropriate for their area.

HydroSpatial One can be viewed and purchased either in its entirety or broken down into its six constituent topics layers;

BE – Bathymetry & Elevation, NP – Natural & Physical Features, SO – Structures & Obstructions, SE – Socio Economic & Marine Use, CE – Conservation and Environment and CO – Climate & Oceanography

Full details of HydroSpatial One and its topic layers can be found at

HydroSpatial One significantly enhances the suite of marine mapping products available on-line from the SeaZone web-store  Our worldwide products include the vector products HydroSpatial Base and HydroSpatial Global and the raster product HydroView Charts.

To browse SeaZone HydroSpatial One or our other data products for free, please set up a free account at

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