Where is QGIS 2.0?….

For many of us in the GIS community June 8th 2013 was going to change the way we worked with spatial data, we were excited…..we were wrong….All over the internet chat was going wild as to where the latest version of QGIS had gone.

What happened?

We had been teased with offerings of an updated templating system (print composer) and some really nice touches to the GUI…so where did it go?

The day before release there was a flurry of activity on the QGIS developer network, as the developers tried to work out what to do, just days before release a flurry of over 100 bugs were found (called blockers as release cannot be commenced whilst unfixed), which, even though not severe, would flaw the expected “pure” release which was planned…..and so the release was delayed while these blockers were fixed.


Blockers sounds amazingly severe, though in many cases it is a function which may have worked in a previous version that does not work in the new version….I am guilty of sending one of these myself, where I found that the grid spacing on the print composer didn’t allow for any spacing smaller than 10pt. Very, very minor BUT it worked in 1.8 “Lisboa” and not in the 1.9.0 nightly build….

So, where does that leave us?

Understandably, everyone I speak to in the QGIS camp is VERY stressed, there is a way to go and conversation on the developers network today hinted that they were now HOPING to release before FOSS4G…as you know, this is in SEPTEMBER

Angry of proud?

Should we be angry that the promised release of the next-gen open GIS has been shelved for now or should we be proud that the developers have done something that ESRI hasn’t done in any of their releases and decided to provide users with an almost clean release?

Personally, I am proud AND glad that they have taken this decision, it gives me more faith in the software that will be released. It shows how dedicated the developers are to the quality of their product and the painstaking detail which they go through the software in preparation for release…just think, they’d rather hold off the release and get some abuse than release some “make-do” software that will sink like a duck…that takes serious guts, something ESRI and a few other software companies should look at!

My only gripe in all this is that there is no statement or new timescale for the thousands of GIS users who are now waiting….

Please note that these views are my own and I have no affiliation with either QGIS or ESRI.

Nick D


  1. mmmmm I’m angrish…., but since I’m having fun with 1.9.etc. anyways, I decide to forgive you guys, BUT ONLY THIS TIME!
    seriously, I thank you all devs for your wonderful work and piece of software.

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