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Source: Ordnance Survey blog 26 June 2013

OS OnDemand is expanding web service access options

By , 26, June, 2013 8:00 am

Our OS OnDemand web map service delivers data over the internet directly to our customers, wherever and whenever it’s needed. We have two versions of the service, a web map service (WMS), typically for geographical information system (GIS) access and and a web map tile service (WMTS), up to now accessed only on a browser using our API.

From today, in response to a growing customer need, our WMTS has been upgraded to full OGC standard, enabling users to access via a GIS as well as web browser.

OS VectorMap Local in OS OnDemand

In addition to API access, where you add our API into your web application’s html code, WMTS now supports access for:

  • OGC WMTS tile requests
  • XYZ style tile requests

This enables customers to use existing client software (GIS or web based clients) removing the requirement to use Ordnance Survey’s API to develop web applications. It enables them to integrate the service with their existing GIS databases and programme/solutions.

We have also made improvements to our OS OnDemand WMS, with new content. Have a look at our new video to see how we can now deliver our 25 cm imagery products direct from our database into your internal business applications too.  Benefits include:

  • Reduce lengthy load times
  • Improve panning and zooming experience
  • Free up internal networks
  • Always the latest view
Watch our latest video:

Find out more:

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