GIS Tips: The cheats way on how to show your location during an event

Google Public Location Badge

Share your Google Latitude location publicly on a blog or web site, go to the Google Latitude site, here. You may choose to share only your city-level location or the best available, you can turn this off at any time but once the code is embedded in your blog or webpage you will have to remove the code to maintain your privacy….

By using Google Latitude you can quickly and easily provide family and friends a real-time feed of your location as you make your epic cycle across to the shops or venture into the wilderness of the local park, in all seriousness, I used this on a webpage for my friends to see how I was progressing on the London to Brighton this year and they all thought I’d coded some amazing system…..the truth is out, sorry guys!

So, how do I do it?

If you are on the Google Latitiude webpage I linked to (above) it is pretty self explanitary, you set the level of accuracy you want to provide and then paste it into your webpage/blog.

I am just going to repeat myself on the privacy note, so that you don’t forget: If enabled, your location will be visible to everyone, including people you have hid from using Google Latitude. You will not be able to limit where and with whom you share your location through the badge.

To stop publicly broadcasting your location, you must come back to this page to disable it.

Here is my Latitude location map: Here

If you watch carefully around 5pm UK time, you may just see me moving across cities 😉


Nick D

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