ArcGIS 3D Web Maps – CityEngine Web Scenes

How often have you put a visualisation together and had to consider data provision as your first priority or created a work of art which then needs to be bundled onto a harddrive or disk to send to a client? I am relatively new to 3D visualisation and I’ve had to completely rethink a few of my visualisation projects to allow for it to be provided to the client, instead of creating an interactive model, having to create a video, just so it is portable.

It seems that ESRI have the solution and, to be honest, it’s about time! 3D visualisation through the internet:

ESRI Campus

If you follow @ElliotHartley you will have already heard about how the new ESRI CityEngine is revolutionising visualisation and just how QUICKLY you can populate an entire town, one thing that I don’t think we are hearing enough of is how flexible it is and that you can share models through the web.

Just have a look at some of the examples:

ESRI Campus visualisation: Here

LA Metro visualisation: Here

Venice Look a like: Here

Its early days but I can see huge potential for the renewables and environmental industries for using this with their visualisations for EIA or for visualising noise assessment.

If the text in the ArcGIS 10.2 guides are correct, there will be provision to export Models built in ArcScene to CityEngine format and potentially to the 3D web scene format….exciting times.

When ESRI get it right, they REALLY get it right and in this case they have nailed it, ESRI must have invested a lot of money into this and will need to recoup some of this loss, so my only wish is that it is priced reasonably enough for the average user to enjoy and not restricted to the public sector.

Nick D

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