What’s coming in the September update of ArcGIS Online

Source: ArcGIS Resources 22nd Aug 2013 What’s coming in the September update of ArcGIS Online by Paul Ross on August 21, 2013  1 95 112 We are planning an update to ArcGIS Online on September 17.  The purpose of this communication is to provide you with information ahead of the update about planned changes, enhancements and new […]

GIS Tips – What is topology and why do I need it?

In 1736, the mathematician Leonhard Euler published a paper that arguably started the branch of mathematics known as topology. The problem that led to Euler’s work in this area, known as “The Seven Bridges of Königsberg,” is described in the accompanying article “Conundrum Inspires Topology.” More recently, the United States Census Bureau, while preparing for […]

GIS Tips – ArcGIS, Create Sequential Numbers in the Attribute table (without using = FID!!)

Recently I was creating a HUGE figure which needed to reference all the features in the map with a number, so, as I would normally, I went to the attribute table, created a new field and opened up the ArcGIS Field Calculator, then opened up Ian Ko’s Easy Calculate (EC50 to you REAL GIS nerds) […]

Ordnance Survey Open Data Certified!!

Source: Ordnance Survey Blog 13th Aug 2013 There are so many different types of open data being released that it is becoming increasingly difficult for users to know the best to use in their applications, systems and technology.  To address this, the Open Data Institute (ODI) has launched the ODI certificate, which publishers can check […]

Agenda for the UK QGIS meeting

See you all at 13:30…… Source: QGIS UK Blog Aug 8th 2013 Agenda for the UK QGIS meeting Posted on August 8, 2013 by geosmiles Standard Finally I’ve been able to put an agenda together for the UK QGIS meeting 27th Maptember 2013,  and here it is! 10.00 – Arrival (Tea and Coffee) 10.15 – Welcome […]

GIS Software Comparison Matrix – A work in progress….

Crazy Ideas Create Crazy Solutions Many moons ago, a few days after the ESRI UK User Conference I was chatting with @ElliotHartley about Open Source GIS systems and he mentioned that what the GIS community could really do with is some kind of comparison spreadsheet. My first thought was that it would be a 2 […]