Agenda for the UK QGIS meeting

See you all at 13:30……

Source: QGIS UK Blog Aug 8th 2013

Agenda for the UK QGIS meeting

Finally I’ve been able to put an agenda together for the UK QGIS meeting 27th Maptember 2013,  and here it is!

10.00 – Arrival (Tea and Coffee)
10.15 – Welcome
10.30 – Jo Cook (Astun Technology) – Portable GIS & PostGIS
11.30 – Chris Page  – CWS SuperFast Broadband mapping project
12.00 – Lunch provided by Astun Technology
12.30 – Mark Percival (David Lock Associates)- Time Manager plugin
13.00 – Steve Campbell (Poole Borough Council) – QGIS & SQL
13.30 – Nick Duggan (PMSS) – QGIS – quick & efficient GIS access
14.00 – Andreas Neumann (Switzerland QGIS user group) – Notes from abroad!
14.30 – Where next? / Open discussion
15.00 – Close

The Ordnance Survey are kindly providing attendees with a USB stick which will not only contain some of the OS open-data products but also Portable GIS as demoed by Jo Cook . If you have a Windows laptop and bring this along to the event, then you will be able to follow through the workshop examples with Jo. Portal QGIS, as the name suggests runs from a USB stick and therefore does not need to physically be installed on your machine (find out more). There may be limited access to power points and internet access so please bear this in mind!

The event is sold out, with all 35 tickets being snapped up. If you think you might not actually be able to attend, then please do get in contact as there are a number of people on our  waiting list.

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