GIS Tips: Adding OSTN02 to ArcGIS Explorer (build 2500)

Adding OSTN02 to ArcGIS Explorer Build 2500 This is a quick walkthrough of how to apply OSTN02 to ArcGIS Explorer build 2500, it assumes a Windows 7 install, though this fix will work with XP. First download & install the Projection System expansion pack: Then navigate to the ArcGIS Explorer program folder, this can […]

Microsoft Fix for Geodatabase Data Corruption Issue

In case you missed it, ESRI finally released a link to fix the issue with data corruption to geodatabases on shared networks, this is a god-send for me as it means I don’t have to save a copy of everything locally “just in case”. Information on Microsoft Patch to Fix Data Corruption Issue In May […]

GIS Tips – Create and Share layer packets (.lpk) in ArcGIS Explorer

I’ve currently been inundated with projects that need the ability to share GIS data in their projects and most of them don’t really understand why they pay £10,000 for a survey and then £75k – £100k for a server solution to share it, let alone understand what GIS really is and WHY they need it […]

GIS Tips – Display Some Text Labels from Attribution and not Others – ArcGIS

We’ve all been there, an awesome map and you need to label the features based on the attribution of a feature….. ….only you just realised that the feature is classified and you only want to show the values associated with one of the classifications, so what do you do? The usual answer to the question […]

Free Online GIS Course with Pace University

I want the world to be able to use GIS, if I could I would do this for free and spend my days helping everyone in need like a GIS version of Kick-Ass, unfortunately this idea sends my employer into meltdown and is often followed by discussions about contractual obligations and social media…, until the […]