QGIS 2.0 (Dufour) is here!

Back in June the world waited with baited breath for the release of QGIS 2.0, and we all shed a little tear (ok, just me then) when we heard that the developer team wanted to hold back the release to ensure it was solid and not some rushed effort.

Since June rumours have been rife about the release date, some guessing that it had been held until Christmas, others guessing at a release around the FOSS4G…..

Well, I am happy to say, it is here!! QGIS 2.0 PAGE

Having played with it extensively over the last week (partly due to my ArcGIS machine having to go to IT AGAIN) I have to say that it is everything I was hoping it would be.

Upon opening it you notice that it looks far from any old expectation of open source, it looks slicker and more rich than many propriety software out there. The tools have been juggled so that they are easily read (we all got a little confused over the plethora of tools on the toolbar) and the best bit is the print composer has had a revamp and is comparable with many of the cartography specific software out there.


Screenshot of the QGIS GUI from Nathan Woodrows Flickr

London, UK: mapping flickr tags to colours (draft)

Example of the cartographic output possible using QGIS 2.0

So far, I am enjoying the discovery of the new features and keep being surprised by little “oooh, I didn’t know it could do that” moments which keep occurring. Like most ESRI/MapInfo/AutoCAD people, I am a little nervous the whole time that something will go wrong or I will trip over a bug any minute, but in a week of vigorous use I couldn’t find anything.

I will post some more at the end of the month once I’ve really given it some real welly.

I highly recommend anyone using a GIS gives this a go, and If you’re unsure,  what’s it going to cost you?

Nick D

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