GIS Tips: Adding OSTN02 to ArcGIS Explorer (build 2500)

Adding OSTN02 to ArcGIS Explorer Build 2500

This is a quick walkthrough of how to apply OSTN02 to ArcGIS Explorer build 2500, it assumes a Windows 7 install, though this fix will work with XP.

First download & install the Projection System expansion pack:

Then navigate to the ArcGIS Explorer program folder, this can be found at: C:\Program Files (x86)\Explorer (x86)\


Navigate to the projection engine (pedata) folder:


Add a new folder and call it “united kingdom”:


3Next you need to download the OSTN02 transformation from Ordnance Survey, the zipfile can be found here:

Select the “Download OSTN02 NTV2 data” option:

Within the zipfile you will see 3 files, the only file you need is the OSTN02_NTV2.gsb file.  Copy this into the “united kingdom” folder you created.


The transformation should now work!! Start up ArcGIS Explorer desktop and load in a OSGB36 dataset, go to the map properties and select “2D Coordinate System”, when you click on “Transformation” next to OSGB36, you should see this:


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