Ordnance Survey back the need for cartogtraphic design

What is a map? Is it the data or the way it is representated so that it can be understood?….Pretty much the eternal “chicken and egg” scenario.

It is refreshing to see that today (15th October 2013), Ordnance Survey, the award winning cartographers and UK survey specialists, have released a plethora of guides on cartographic design.

Information like this is normally confined to expensive books and seminars, this is available free to anyone, GIS specialist or Minecraft wannabe. What makes this such necessary reading is that Ordnace Survey have always been at the leading edge of cartographic design, so for them to share even a fraction of their knowledge back to the industry is fantastic.

Okay, so it’s not going to turn us all into world leading cartographers overnight (well, I say “us” loosely), but it WILL give us the edge in a very competitive environment.

Go and have a look, it’s a fantastic resource: Ordnance Survey Cartographic Design

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