ArcGIS Professional – Lots of rumours….but what is it?

There is a buzz in the ESRI camp, its shrouded in mystery and plenty of talk about a new application which ISN’T ArcMap, ISN’T CityEngine or Enterprise…..ESRI have gone to town with the ninja marketing, even though this new application isn’t due out until Q1 (or 2) next year there is a new Twitter account (@ArcGISPro) and also some brief talks on the ESRI site.

But WHAT IS IT? As a GIS Consultant, I already have people asking me questions as to whether it will be suitable for them….

Well….back in July,  Jim McKinney gave a talk on the future of GIS, in this he discussed a new product;

“The most important goal, build what you’ve been asking for, be it on ideas that or enhancement requests or speaking face-to-face at events and conferences…we want to make sure that this is really valuable for you in your critical workflows.

Another one is build a 64-bit application, finally, with super-fast display and integrated 2D and 3D views…a new contextual user experience only showing tools when you need them, powerful spatial analysis and editing capabilities, tight integration with Esri solutions. ArcGIS Online, and Portal for ArcGIS; and simplify the interface and the application wherever we can.”

  • During the talk, Jim demonstrates being able to take in CityEngine data as well as ArcGlobe data and data from an MXD….Finally a full integration of the many ESRI products?
  • Jim shows the interface and it is very “Microsoft” in nature, more akin to ArcGIS Explorer, with a “home” button and tabs – ArcGIS Explorer on steroids? or a more efficient way to manage all those tools?
  • My favourite part of the demonstration by far is when he brings up 2 linked views on the screen….one in 2D and the other in 3D… really demonstrates how flexible the sotware is..

One of the key points which I pick up from this is “This is the new generation of ArcGIS”….so is this finally the ArcGIS 11 which we were all waited with bated breath for? 64bit, fully integrated ArcScene, ArcGlobe, ArcMap and with 2D & 3D output? IT SEEMS SO!…..

It’s early days and rumour is that it is currently in beta at the ESRI camp….for the latest news and images, go over to Twitter and look up @ArcGISPro

Nick D 



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