20th November 2013 it all changes….. #GISChat starts


Us geospatial types love a geobeer or two….maybe four or five, okay, go on, seven or eight….but even more than a geobeer, we love to get together and discuss all things geospatial and share our knowledge with the outside world. This is why, every year in November, we celebrate all things geospatial by having GIS Day.

This year to bring the geocake to the party, I am starting, with the help of Angharad Stone, Alan McConchie, Ross McDonald & ESRI UK,  a monthly meet up for all GIS users. Whether you are a new user, or an old user, a user who has lost their way or someone who is interested in GIS, no matter what platform, I hope to make this a chance for us to all catch up and chat once a month in the same place.


Each month we’ll try and pick a topic matter and keep this as a main thread, though please feel free to branch off with any conversations which may arise! Ideas which have been suggested so far have been:

“Where do you see GIS in 10yrs time?”

“What has been the best advice you have received?” / “What one thing would you teach a new user?”

“Is GIS the correct term for our profession? If not, what should it be?”

As the first #GISChat lands on a rather special and monumental day, GIS DAY 2013, the first topic will be:

“What have been you experiences of GIS Day?”

Over the coming days I will add another page to this blog so that we can keep some form of transcript & have a place to discuss topics and ideas. – UPDATE: It’s now here

To join the conversation, all you need is a Twitter account and search for #GISChat – I look forward to chatting with you on GIS Day!!

Special thanks go to Alan McConchie who runs the fortnightly #Geowebchat (next on 19th November)-  please join in and be part of the growing community.

Nick D

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