GIS Day is here! Be part of the community (its free)

Wednesday 20th November 2013 – GIS Day is here! The internet is alight with people wishing each other a happy GIS Day, but what is GIS day?


The first GIS day was held in 1999, predominantly promoted by ESRI (who are still strong backers) it was an opportunity to open the doors to the wider world, to let others know exactly what it is us geo types do….sure, my wife will tell you I make maps but that really isn’t what it’s about and that is what today is about for us professionals.

For us professionals, GIS day is a great way for us to see how we can apply solutions to real world problems and demonstrate just WHY our service is so important.

For the academic, today is an opportunity to understand how the pieces go together, they may have spent months studying about the geoid but how is that applied in the real world?

Don’t forget that there are also many managers and colleagues who hear you talk about this magic “GIS” but don’t have a clue what it is, today provides the perfect opportunity for you to demonstrate your superior intellect and show them how you can track them in realtime…okay, so that may not be such a good idea, today is a great chance to show them how to work with you to improve your service and how you can help them with their work more.


Most of all, GIS Day is about community, it doesn’t matter what software you are running, whether ESRI or QGIS, Mapinfo or GRASS, CADcorp or Tatuk….today we are all working on solving geospatial problems on the same globe, no matter what the datum. Today is the time to say hello to those around you and ask what it is they do… may find the solution to that issue that has been bugging you for months is a single question away!

We are all getting together on Twitter at 9pm tonight using the hashtag #GISChat – Feel free to join us ::

Geohugs all around

Nick D

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