What is Bayes analysis and how can it benefit your business? (The GIS bit)

Okay, so in the last blog I shamefully shared a great article from Butler Analytics on Bayes analysis and WHAT it was. Question is how does that have implications on my GIS? In the second article from Butler Analytics, they describe some of the applications of analysis. I would dearly love to see some of […]

Bayes predictive analysis and why what it can do for your business

I sometimes work with an environmental team doing analysis of environmental impacts and cumulative issues, one thing that has been required of late is Bayes predictive analysis. Not heard of it? Me neither, until I came across this really insightful article on the Butler Analytics website.In essence, Bayes analysis is a rather accurate way of […]

GIS Tips – Creating ArcGIS figures with “Arrow” distance markers

It’s always the simple requests from people which make you scratch your head. In this case, it was a simple question “How do I add distance arrows to ArcGIS?”….this coming from a GIS guy who has used ArcGIS for over 6yrs and was previously employed at Ordnance Survey…. ArcGIS is known for being both simple […]


Anyone that went to the inaugural Scottish QGIS UK user group meet would not only have had a great time & enjoyed the great company of Ross & Thinkwhere but would have also seen Neil Bennys’ presentation “Qgis Evangelism” which I only just caught a couple of days ago. Neil is a geoninja of the […]