GIS Tips – How to Find the EPSG Code of your Shapefile

RTFM is the best phrase I can think of here….having spent the last 10yrs checking through the .prj parameters of shapefiles to ensure I am using the correct EPSG code, someone nudges me and says that they used something they found on the Boundless site.

The answer? A real simple tool called PRJ2EPSG which allows you to load or paste your .prj info from your shapefile!…..If only I’d read the Boundless manual (& not been such a know it all!!) I’d have been using this months ago!

Below is the text from the Boundless page

A common problem for people getting started with PostGIS is figuring out what SRID number to use for their data. All they have is a .prj file. But how do humans translate a .prj file into the correct SRID number?

The easy answer is to use a computer. Plug the contents of the .prj file into This will give you the number (or a list of numbers) that most closely match your projection definition. There aren’t numbers for every map projection in the world, but most common ones are contained within the prj2epsg database of standard numbers.


GIS Tip of the day? RTFM!

Nick D

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