Back before you’d ever realised I’d gone….

Those of you who read my blog may have realised that I’ve not written for a while, in fact for a month or so….without getting too personal, a couple of months ago I dislocated my left leg. Being a bit of a bloke, I popped it back in and thought it was okay, went up A&E the next day to find that they wanted to put me in a wheelchair for the rest of my life. Yup, it’s been a little hectic for the last few months but be rest assured, I am walking and (more importantly) back to doing the blog!

Goodbye to #GISChat

Whilst I have been pre-occupied, a lovely lady called Emily has started up a Wednesday Twitter chat called #GeoTribe. Held every Wednesday at 8pm GMT, it is a great chance to catch up on what people are talking about and to meet like-minded geopeople.

Unfortunately, it does mean the end of #GISchat as the two coincide. I am sure people won’t be too devastated and I look forward to talking to you all on the #geotribe.

Hello to Geoserver…

Those of you who I’ve met at the recent round of conferences will know that I’ve got into Geoserver and selling Boundless’ OpenGeo solution. Now, lets get this straight, I’m not selling the software but selling the skills to install it, get the plugins (like the print module and QGIS) working & also provide a little customisation at an extremely CHEAP price….only problem, you’ll have to put up with me chatting about Geoserver A LOT more….

Okay, I’ve rattled on enough and said nothing GIS, so I will leave you with this; Google Earth displays in WGS84 but calculates in Web Mercator……





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