Hello world!

Who exactly am I and why am I sticking my fingers into every geopie?

15yrs ago I was relatively unknown to GIS, in fact GIS barely knew itself with many different software companies fighting for a piece of the geopie. Since then I have had the opportunity to work with and learn from the users of the data, the creators of the data and even the GEO-Beginners, each providing a similar complaint……there is no middle ground where the surveyor, the cartographer, the developer or the noob (and others) can ask questions and have their questions understood.

For the last few years I have not only been the GIS consultant for one of the UKs largest Renewable Energy consultancies, TUV SUD PMSS, but I have also been a translator between the experts and it’s this I want to share with the GIS industry, I wish to get everyone talking to each other where GEO is involved to better the industry and to fill those missing gaps which is holding us back.


Happy to get involved with most things that further the GIS industry, or is a challenge!!

Feel free to look me up on LinkedIn, HERE or come and join in the conversation on Twitter: Dragons8mycat

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