Maptime Southampton

I’m not afraid to admit that I am a #Maptime n00b. After 15 years in the GIS business I thought I’d seen and done it all (except code, not too keen on code). Today I broke my Mapbox cherry.

This is what makes #Maptime such a great experience, not only do you learn something new but you also have some experienced people around you to help answer those really simple questions which many of us trip up on and give up. Mapbox was one of those things for me, a rather strange interface and not much space to do the world bending GIS I am used to……Well, I have to say mixing between CARTOCSS in Mapbox studio and adding features in Mapbox I came up with this:

[iframe src=”″ width=”800″ height=”600″]

Yes, a slippy map with interactive points….for free. My first impressions are that I would need to invest a little money to really make this work for me but if I needed to post up a quick web map (like above) this is a great little tool. The big promo has to go to @MaptimeSOTON though, having the knowledgeable help on hand to get everything working and understand the purpose is what really made this map.

Oh…..and slippy maps in WordPress……that’s another story….

Nick D

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  1. Awesome map Nick! Thanks for coming to Maptime Southampton – it wouldn’t work without a great bunch of friendly, knowledgable, enthusiastic map-makers willing to learn, teach and share.

    Your map is great by the way! Impressive to create that and write a blog post during a Maptime meetup.

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