Add a slippy map to WordPress

Many of you have asked how I got my web map working on this site. The first thing you need is your own domain, I’m sure you can do it somehow on the free version of WordPress but I had no luck. It wasn’t until I had the ability to add plugins through my own WordPress that I could make it possible, the reason? I couldn’t get the standard WordPress to use embed codes or iFrames.


IF you do run your own site and you DO have the ability to add plugins (see here), then I highly recommend that you add the “iFRAME SHORTCODE” plugin. This will enable you to utilise embed codes from online map services like Mapbox, ArcGIS Online, OpenGeo & others totally within your WordPress, there is even enough flexibility to adjust size etc.

I hope this is all pretty self explanatory but if you need some screen grabs or further detail, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Nick D

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