QGIS Shortcuts to optimise efficiency

You probably already know that QGIS has shortcuts, afterall we all use CTRL+C & CTRL+V but did you know that you can simply exit QGIS by using CTRL+Q?….

In the search for more efficiency I went through the QGIS configuration and extracted the list of default keyboard shortcut settings, you can either view here or download a PDF copy Here

QGIS Default Shortcuts

What I didn’t realise before downloading the list was the similarities to other software which makes it so easy to transfer over to your everyday tasks….Zoom in & Out are identical to Adobe PDF, the refresh is the standard F5 and of course, the life saving “undo” is CTRL+Z.

It gets better though…..

If you are like me, you don’t do things liek everyone else. By that I mean that I am “special”, I work between multiple coordinate systems and tend to pull up the coordinate system(s) frequently or am buffering constantly….well IF you are a little like me, you can configure your own shortcuts. If you need to buffer, you could set your QGIS to bring it up when you hold CTRL+B [or your own] or you could set it to bring up the Custom CRS window when you hold CTRL+ALT+C


Open your QGIS and under the settings tab you will find an option for “Configure Shortcuts”.


From here it is quite simple to update and change your QGIS shortcuts, giving you better efficiency. Just don’t tell your boss as they’ll expect you to work faster…much better just to keep quiet and use that extra time for more coffee 😉

Nick D

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