Are you a Geoninja or a Geobluffer?

As I’ve been offline a bit recently I thought that there is no better way to apologise and put a smile on people faces than to post a quiz…there are 10 questions which are all based around basic GIS.

The quiz is here


Remember, it is only a bit of fun…..

1/10 You’re a geobluffer

2/10 Have you even used GIS before?

3/10 You are but a Geopadawan

4/10 Do you use Apple by any chance?

5/10 Well done….now read some books on the subject!

6/10 The force is strong in this one….

7/10 Good score! One day you’ll find the “on” button and we will all be looking for new jobs

8/10 Trainee Geoninja

9/10 A full on Geoninja…Congratulations!

10/10 Wow! I am impressed! You deserve a medal or an award or something….but not here, the honour of getting 100% should be enough for someone of your talent!



Nick D


    1. I agree, I was going to change the scoring so that choosing Ozzie would gain 2 points rather than 1 but if I did I would also have to take 5 points away from all the numpties who are calling Jack Dangermond the “Father of GIS”…’s driving me nuts.

  1. how many esri fan boys are picking Jack D for Father of GIS?

    i got 9 out 10 btw. hooray!

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