Lacking geoinspiration? Might be worth looking here….

Every now and then we all lack a little inspiration, whether it is a new client looking for that special something or a personal goal to get your work noticed, inspiration seems to fly out of the door as soon as you get to thinking.

Help is at hand, believe it or not, the main GIS software providers now host themselves “showcase” sites where you can see what can be done with the software. Don’t be afraid to contact the creators too, if there is a specific technique or an effect which has been used, contact the creator! In my experience, they are usually more than happy to help [to a limit] because the great thing about cartography and creation is that someone else WILL create something better, this new technique will provide a better way of doing what you did before and then you can create something even more amazing….and so on.

Below are my current favourite sources of inspiration, though I have to admit that I also have a style….yes a little predantic but it is a way of identifying my work, so although I might gain a little inspiration from the below galleries, but my work is always in my own style. Also, look carefully, you might see a few of my maps littered amongst the galleries.

Inspirational places for the map maker

British Cartographic Society:

International Cartographic Association:





Have fun!

Nick D

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