Trying to provide what they don't realise they need

A month into employ with Elliot and the amazing Garsdale Design Team and I am starting to realise the scale of the task ahead….this is the same as almost every other geospatial expert reading this: You could recreate the Earth with enabled 3D and location intelligence but how do you convince people that it is what they need?

For years I’ve read about Business Intelligence Modelling, Smart Cities, Asset Management, Integrated Solutions and all the other really cool phrases doing the rounds at the moment, I’ve been to countless conferences and talks on these super intelligent solutions but when the dust settles and the cold light of day comes, where are the customers to buy it?

Smart City 1

Having sat around the table with some of the top experts in the industry, one thing becomes clear [this is not a sales pitch but to demonstrate a point], Garsdale Design and I can create ANYTHING, cities so smart you have to put your headphones in to block out the breathing…We were playing around and had a small town built in minutes, then using basic GIS we added full attribution which could be reported PER FLOOR of each building and even used as a basis for further analysis. You want the energy efficiency of each building floor? It’s there, you want the building areas blocked by trees, a mere click away….add in demographic data and there is the potential to even find out what type of newspaper each person on each floor reads.

Like I said, there is nothing that we cannot create given a little time – so why isn’t it mainstream? Surely something so cost effective and mainstream would be selling like hotcakes? You would have thought that the UK Government (Listen up Mr Cameron!) would make this mandatory for Governmental bodies to not only collate the data to a single point but to also make the data more efficient. How many times have we heard that we have to wait while Mr X in one department has to talk to Mrs Y in another department because they “don’t deal” with that specific information….Excuse me, but surely in this day and age, shouldn’t all the data be in one place which everyone has access to? Shouldn’t we be analysing ALL the data rather than a jigsaw with missing pieces which only leads to incomplete answers?

3D GIS Intelligence fig 2

Here is where I think that things have been going wrong – We are rubbish promoters of ourselves. Yup, I just said you were rubbish…..

You, like me, didn’t see the bigger picture until it was too late. We sold the world GIS Server systems and cool shiny web maps but we didn’t sell the whole package….we didn’t sell data management. A lot of you (yes I am assigning a little blame) made a quick buck, sold the server and ran….some TRIED to sell some asset management/ data management but weren’t aware that we were going to get 3D GIS and the ability to integrate all the information into a system which could  join the gaps and churn through it all.

And here is the crux of the problem, we now have the ability to provide smart cities and amazingly clever urban modelling but how do we get people to buy into ANOTHER geospatial fad? What will convince them to take another step?


We (Garsdale Design Ltd) have a plan….but as a collective we need to start providing more intelligent solutions, stop being lazy with the metadata and do more table joining to make the non-geospatial people realise what they are missing.




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