GIS Tips – Quickly Scroll Through ArcMap Icons

It’s been a while since I posted a “GIS Tip” but this is a goody, especially if you spend HOURS scrolling through the ArcMap icons looking for that symbol which you thought was in one place but it seems to have moved…..


  1. Select the point icon you want to replace with a new icon and go to “edit”
Click on "edit"
Click on “edit”

2. You should then be presented with the following screen:

Point Icon selection screen
Point Icon selection screen


3. Now for the fun part…..scroll your mouse wheel up and down. Nothing right?….


Like magic, you can scroll through the icons
Like magic, you can scroll through the icons

4. With your mouse hovered over the font box, you are able to scroll through the available fonts but ALSO it shows the relevant icons in the box below, enabling you to go through                 hundreds of icons quickly. Far better than individually going through each set of fonts in the search for the icon you are after.


There you go….you experts might already know it, but you new kids are going to love it!



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