Just where are the standards nowadays? (rant)

I am sure I am not the only one, you have the mother of all projects to get some spatial analysis done on by close of business and you go to merge the data for a spot of spatial join action and……there is no consistency, in fact every single data has a different way of […]

Map Design – a list of online resources

Great article on Map Design from Ordnance Survey (UK), I know a few people who could do with reading this!! Some great resources provided too!! Map design: a list of helpful online resources By Cartographic Design team, 7, May, 2013 8:00 am Whether they’ve been making maps for 20 years or two weeks, just like […]

Visualising for Human Geography – spatial.ly

Great article from James Cheshire reminding us how important good visualisation is. From spatial.ly May 2013 Visualising for Human Geography The publication of the International Benchmarking Review of UK Human Geography back in March was a major event for the discipline. The report concludes that the UK human geography community is setting the intellectual agenda for […]