New Job, New Goals, same Dragons8mycat

In case you aren't on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Slack, YouTube, Instagram or Geonet (don't laugh I hear there are users) I decided that I needed a new challenge and to get behind a winning team. There are many areas of the geospatial world that interest me, I am a huge fan hydrography and positional accuracy, … Continue reading New Job, New Goals, same Dragons8mycat

3D GIS is a thing and let's embrace it

“The world we live in is a three dimensional world, so why do we map it and analyse it in just two dimensions?” - Dragons8mycat 2013   In the last 5 years we, the GIS industry, have made some fantastic advances. So why is it that we are so slow with the adoption of using … Continue reading 3D GIS is a thing and let's embrace it

Lacking geoinspiration? Might be worth looking here….

Every now and then we all lack a little inspiration, whether it is a new client looking for that special something or a personal goal to get your work noticed, inspiration seems to fly out of the door as soon as you get to thinking.

How do smartphones know where North is?…..

Conversation on Twitter, where someone pulls a statement on you and you KNOW it's true but at the same time your brain is wondering why, you hadn't thought about it before....yesterday was one of those days. I made a statement about whether the compass was dead and whether this is the rise of the GPS … Continue reading How do smartphones know where North is?…..

GIS Tips – Creating ArcGIS figures with “Arrow” distance markers

It's always the simple requests from people which make you scratch your head. In this case, it was a simple question "How do I add distance arrows to ArcGIS?"....this coming from a GIS guy who has used ArcGIS for over 6yrs and was previously employed at Ordnance Survey.... ArcGIS is known for being both simple … Continue reading GIS Tips – Creating ArcGIS figures with “Arrow” distance markers


Anyone that went to the inaugural Scottish QGIS UK user group meet would not only have had a great time & enjoyed the great company of Ross & Thinkwhere but would have also seen Neil Bennys' presentation "Qgis Evangelism" which I only just caught a couple of days ago. Neil is a geoninja of the … Continue reading MXD to QGIS

Remembering the Father of GIS

This was posted on the ESRI Canada blog yesterday, 12th February 2014 and I can't think of anything more suitable for such a great person; Remembering the Father of GIS Feb 12, 2014 / Posted by Joy Chan Today, we honour the life of a great visionary. Dr. Roger Tomlinson, whom we fondly knew as the “father … Continue reading Remembering the Father of GIS

#GIS Tips – Let’s talk about the GUI mess

Don't know how but yesterday turned into a discussion on GIS in education and the assumptions over what it is that children actually want or need. All well and good but at no point was the age of the children discussed or what was referred to in the curriculum - Either way, one thing was … Continue reading #GIS Tips – Let’s talk about the GUI mess

GIS – What do I ACTUALLY do?….

What do YOU do? We've all laughed at the joke, what my mum thinks I do, what my friends think I do.....and so on; But what do you tell the the bank when they ask what your job is? Or how about when you get your car insurance? GIS Consultant, GIS Technician & Geoninja are … Continue reading GIS – What do I ACTUALLY do?….