Twas the night before GIS Day

    Todd Barr wrote an excellent GIS Day tale but I felt it was a slight bit unkind, so came up with my own version, I hope you enjoy: Twas the Night before GIS Day, And all from afar Not a cartographer was drawing, Not ev'n on mylar Hard drives were hung by the … Continue reading Twas the night before GIS Day

Back before you’d ever realised I’d gone….

Those of you who read my blog may have realised that I've not written for a while, in fact for a month or so....without getting too personal, a couple of months ago I dislocated my left leg. Being a bit of a bloke, I popped it back in and thought it was okay, went up … Continue reading Back before you’d ever realised I’d gone….

GIS – What do I ACTUALLY do?….

What do YOU do? We've all laughed at the joke, what my mum thinks I do, what my friends think I do.....and so on; But what do you tell the the bank when they ask what your job is? Or how about when you get your car insurance? GIS Consultant, GIS Technician & Geoninja are … Continue reading GIS – What do I ACTUALLY do?….

#GISChat transcript for 20th November 2013

A huge thank you to everyone who took part in the first #GISChat, it was great to see such a wealth of experience and views. For some reason (As Dale Loberger pointed out) my tweets were not wholly appearing in the feed, therefore apologies for the missing text from myself, I hope to have this … Continue reading #GISChat transcript for 20th November 2013