Geobusiness 2016…THE place to be

From xyHt magazine 30/5/2016 – Original Posted here GeoBusiness 2016 – London Wow! Just wow [ed. Translation to US-English “Wow!!”]. Last week I was at the UK ESRI annual conference with 3000+ people crammed into the tight QEII conference centre, this still didn’t prepare me for GeoBusiness this year. The same venue as last year […]

GISWorx 2016

Previously posted in xyHt April 2016 For most, work is a 9 to 5 grind that slowly eats at your core until you retire, find you have nothing to do and get bored…Not if you work in the geospatial field though, everyday is a new adventure and this month took me to the UAE, to […]

Mapillary Raises $8 Million Series A to Democratize Maps by Connecting the World's Photos

Technology has made the farthest corners of the planet more accessible than ever before. We can video call loved ones on the other side of the world; and we can view photos of foreign landmarks at the click of a button. At Mapillary, we are taking this accessibility to the next level by letting anyone […]

Trying to provide what they don't realise they need

A month into employ with Elliot and the amazing Garsdale Design Team and I am starting to realise the scale of the task ahead….this is the same as almost every other geospatial expert reading this: You could recreate the Earth with enabled 3D and location intelligence but how do you convince people that it is […]