#GISTribe Challenge Rules

As part of the inaugural #GISTribe challenge, I thought it would be a good idea to go through some of the questions and rules which I thought will be asked.

1. Platform: Work with whichever platform you feel comfortable with! QGIS, ArcGIS, CartoDB or even Tatuk….it doesn’t matter – what matters is whether you can provide the information for review by others. Afterall, there is no point creating a work of art if you are the only one who ever gets to see it!

2. Content: The winners (notice that there may be more than one!) will be reviewed and awarded based not only on cartographic presentation but also the interpretation of the brief. A work of art is great and will be rewarded but in the real world a project needs and answer and the best way to provide that answer is equally as important.

3. Support: Unfortunately this is a completely free challenge, we cannot provide hosting, software or webspace….we can however provide you with advice, so go onto Twitter and ask at #GISTribe

4: Disclaimer: The challenge is a bit of fun, there is no guarantee or warranty, the decision of the “judges” is final. Any maps in any form are NOT claimed to represent actual answers and #GISTribe shall not be held accountable for any incorrect or spurious findings.

5: Remember, this is supposed to be fun!!

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