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A Chartered Geographer with more than 15 years experience in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), data management and geospatial innovation, Nicholas has consulted and provided work for most industry sectors such as offshore & onshore renewables, environmental, maritime archaeology, offshore & onshore survey, land management, public rights of way, demography, shipping, traffic management amongst a few.

Previously employed with one of the UK’s largest renewable energy consultancies, TÜV SÜD PMSS, Nicholas led teams to deliver projects for clients such as National Grid, Eneco, Scottish Power and Dong.

Having a career which includes working for the UK’s National Mapping Agency, Ordnance Survey, where Nicholas had the opportunity to teach and lead both positional accuracy & quality improvement teams, as well as testing ESRI software, servers, relational databases, JTX and all OS products for the digital transition [Phoenix] project.

In my spare time I am the UK correspondant for xyHt magazine as well as innovating, inspiring, discussing & motivating the GIS community through the popular twitter hande @Dragons8mycat.

New GDL Logo 2015

Here is a link to my LinkdIn for a more detailed view of my capabilities and experience and here are some examples of my work:

Demo of AchoragesWind Farm ModelsWind Farm Models 2OrdnanceSurveyQGISv23D Offshore Example

Offshore AnalysisGeophys & Wreck analysisOnshore Environment Demo_PageZone of Theoretical Visual Influence Analysis

Also have a look at this, using realtime vessel AIS to monitor activity for 1 day in the Solent:   AIS Across the Solent

Contact me on:


Twitter: @Dragons8mycat

LinkedIn: LinkdIn

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