Dynamic text with QGIS

It's not until you need it that you realise how much you miss it....such is the case with the ESRI ArcGIS dynamic text functionality, on the surface it seemed easy to put a little reference into a text box and then every time I opened a template or new map it would automatically show the user/coordinate system/date/time of print or any of a hundred plus options.

How to put Transparent Text on the map in ArcGIS

Transparent text has always eluded me in ArcGIS, to the point where I have started using QGIS more. So imagine my surprise when I found a way to do it! I had to share it with you...

Presentation of Coordinate systems

We use web maps every day and never question why there is no coordinate system reference, yet our paper maps have more coordinate system information than the page can handle. Is it about time we reviewed our presentation of the map?

QGIS Gets group layer definitions

You may have guessed,  I'm a little OCD. Things needs to be ordered and structured, yes, I wash my hands twice to make sure I get all the bateria. What has this got to do with QGIS? Well, since I've started using QGIS I've been frustrated, I create all these really cool layers then every … Continue reading QGIS Gets group layer definitions