Mapbox cARTography

Over the last few months I've just had to get my hands dirty again with Mapbox. For those who don’t know what Mapbox is, let me introduce it. Mapbox is a platform for location-based data. It allows you to host your data with them so that you can stream it into your web maps, and … Continue reading Mapbox cARTography

QGIS 2.5D Functionality

I originally posted this on xyHt on 16th Feb 2016   I had, when I went into the office today, to do an amazing blog about the QGIS 2.5D functionality and how it was the beginning of QGIS' journey into the 3rd dimension. Only I can't, Anita Graser, the author of "Learning QGIS 2.0" and … Continue reading QGIS 2.5D Functionality

Lacking geoinspiration? Might be worth looking here….

Every now and then we all lack a little inspiration, whether it is a new client looking for that special something or a personal goal to get your work noticed, inspiration seems to fly out of the door as soon as you get to thinking.

Cartography – Make it beautiful and get noticed

It is easy to make a map, you can fire up ArcGIS Online and pretty much print out a half decent map within minutes or you could download the Ordnance Survey free vectormap data & styles then draw it up in QGIS. You get the idea, anyone can do it, but I often wonder SHOULD … Continue reading Cartography – Make it beautiful and get noticed

GIS Tips – Be careful about your colours

You know when you have something to say, then realise that it's not as easy as just putting it down on paper, well......I love to believe that I am a cartographer, though compared to Gretchen Peterson I am possibly more akin to a child finger painting the Mona Lisa. My problem is that I have … Continue reading GIS Tips – Be careful about your colours

Ten of the Greatest Maps that Changed the World

I've had this bookmark on my computer for the last 2yrs and I find that every now and again I visit the page and have a little look...the inner cartophile inspired and humbled by the beautiful work presented here. My personal favourite is the "London Poverty Map", not just because of the lovely hand draw … Continue reading Ten of the Greatest Maps that Changed the World