Lacking geoinspiration? Might be worth looking here….

Every now and then we all lack a little inspiration, whether it is a new client looking for that special something or a personal goal to get your work noticed, inspiration seems to fly out of the door as soon as you get to thinking.

GIS Tips – Creating ArcGIS figures with “Arrow” distance markers

It's always the simple requests from people which make you scratch your head. In this case, it was a simple question "How do I add distance arrows to ArcGIS?"....this coming from a GIS guy who has used ArcGIS for over 6yrs and was previously employed at Ordnance Survey.... ArcGIS is known for being both simple … Continue reading GIS Tips – Creating ArcGIS figures with “Arrow” distance markers


Anyone that went to the inaugural Scottish QGIS UK user group meet would not only have had a great time & enjoyed the great company of Ross & Thinkwhere but would have also seen Neil Bennys' presentation "Qgis Evangelism" which I only just caught a couple of days ago. Neil is a geoninja of the … Continue reading MXD to QGIS

Remembering the Father of GIS

This was posted on the ESRI Canada blog yesterday, 12th February 2014 and I can't think of anything more suitable for such a great person; Remembering the Father of GIS Feb 12, 2014 / Posted by Joy Chan Today, we honour the life of a great visionary. Dr. Roger Tomlinson, whom we fondly knew as the “father … Continue reading Remembering the Father of GIS

What is #GIS?….Let’s decide once and for all

I swore I would never do this, giving opinions on an ever changing industry which is in its' infancy still is a job for the companies wanting to make money out of the word. Yet here I sit, about to put a few thoughts out to you, peers, colleagues and those ready to cut me … Continue reading What is #GIS?….Let’s decide once and for all