GIS Tips – Repair broken links using python

I'm not going to lie, I don't like python, probably because I'm turning into my dad and slowly find myself finding things a little harder to learn....I think being able to cope with C++, C#, VBA, HTML, CSS, Ferranti Fbasica, Cobal & (My favourite) Sinclair Basic, should be enough for anyone, python just tips me … Continue reading GIS Tips – Repair broken links using python

Hold the press…..QGIS basics course

News just in, I have finally been given approval to run some QGIS basics courses! I am looking to run a string of 1 day courses aimed at the office, non-GIS & new GIS users to show how QGIS can be used to solve many of the simple day to day tasks or to even … Continue reading Hold the press…..QGIS basics course