GIS Tips: Adding OSTN02 to ArcGIS Explorer (build 2500)

Adding OSTN02 to ArcGIS Explorer Build 2500 This is a quick walkthrough of how to apply OSTN02 to ArcGIS Explorer build 2500, it assumes a Windows 7 install, though this fix will work with XP. First download & install the Projection System expansion pack: Then navigate to the ArcGIS Explorer program folder, this can […]

GIS Software Comparison Matrix – A work in progress….

Crazy Ideas Create Crazy Solutions Many moons ago, a few days after the ESRI UK User Conference I was chatting with @ElliotHartley about Open Source GIS systems and he mentioned that what the GIS community could really do with is some kind of comparison spreadsheet. My first thought was that it would be a 2 […]