Ordnance Survey back the need for cartogtraphic design

What is a map? Is it the data or the way it is representated so that it can be understood?….Pretty much the eternal “chicken and egg” scenario. It is refreshing to see that today (15th October 2013), Ordnance Survey, the award winning cartographers and UK survey specialists, have released a plethora of guides on cartographic […]

Return of Ordnance Survey’s free OS OpenData Masterclasses

Data makes the GIS world happen, good quality data is essential and FREE good quality data is rare. So when Ordnance Survey released their Open Data product it was met with a mixed review. Initially there was some disappointment that there wasn’t the full level of detail that one would expect from the Mastermap product, […]

Ordnance Survey Open Data Certified!!

Source: Ordnance Survey Blog 13th Aug 2013 There are so many different types of open data being released that it is becoming increasingly difficult for users to know the best to use in their applications, systems and technology.  To address this, the Open Data Institute (ODI) has launched the ODI certificate, which publishers can check […]

Ordnance Survey release New Height Product – OS Terrain 5 & Update to OS Terrain 50

Sourced from the Ordnance Survey Blog –  Gemma, 8, July, 2013 9:55 am  OS Terrain 5 is our new fully maintained analytical height product modelling the shape of Great Britain’s landscape. OS Terrain 5 is a digital terrain model designed to work together with our large-scale products to provide the third dimension to analytical applications, […]