Map Design – a list of online resources

Great article on Map Design from Ordnance Survey (UK), I know a few people who could do with reading this!! Some great resources provided too!! Map design: a list of helpful online resources By Cartographic Design team, 7, May, 2013 8:00 am Whether they’ve been making maps for 20 years or two weeks, just like … Continue reading Map Design – a list of online resources

Ordnance Survey Linked Data Portal

Ordnance Survey Open Linked Open Data Portal Courtesy of Ordnance Survey  26th April 2013 Ordnance Survey is Great Britain's national mapping agency, providing the most accurate and up-to-date geographic data, relied on by government, business and individuals. OS OpenData is the opening up of Ordnance Survey data as part of the drive to increase innovation … Continue reading Ordnance Survey Linked Data Portal

GIS Tips – Styling Ordnance Survey Open Data

How many of us have sat there for hours adjusting the RGB values of the OS Vectormap District or wasted a day setting the line weights of Boundary Line?....Only me? Thought as much.... Well, the frustration is over, it appears that Ordnance Survey now supply style files so that the Ordnance Survey style can be … Continue reading GIS Tips – Styling Ordnance Survey Open Data

Cartography – from past to present

Cartography – from past to present Found this on the Ordnance Survey blog, written by Gemma. A fascinating read, and having worked in the offices mentioned, I can tell you that there are still reminants of these old ways lying around (maybe not the Ferranti computers!). A really nice read. "My time at Ordnance Survey … Continue reading Cartography – from past to present

Need (UK) Base Mapping? Tried the NEW OS Vectormap?

From the Ordnance Survey: Ordnance Survey’s popular OS VectorMap District product has been further enhanced making it easier for users to create their own customised and bespoke mapping. A new version of OS VectorMap District is available from today (21 March 2013) through OS OpenData. Since its alpha release in 2010, the product has become … Continue reading Need (UK) Base Mapping? Tried the NEW OS Vectormap?

Englands new 2000ft Mountain

Englands new 2000ft Mountain Thanks to new methods of capture a new Mountain has been recorded. From the Ordnance Survey Blog: By Melanie, 3, April, 2013 9:14 am Guest post by Myrddyn Phillips The fells of the Pennines form the backbone of England.  They stretch from the border with Scotland southwards to the Yorkshire Dales … Continue reading Englands new 2000ft Mountain