Add OSTN15 to QGIS 2.16

As you may be aware, the United Kingdom has a new transformation model that is OSTN15…..But why? What does it mean to the geospatial community? Without being too nerdy, tectonic plate movement means that the “model” surface (the geoid) is slowly moving from best fit for the coordinate system. It has been 13yrs since Ordnance […]

GIS Tips: Adding OSTN02 to ArcGIS Explorer (build 2500)

Adding OSTN02 to ArcGIS Explorer Build 2500 This is a quick walkthrough of how to apply OSTN02 to ArcGIS Explorer build 2500, it assumes a Windows 7 install, though this fix will work with XP. First download & install the Projection System expansion pack: Then navigate to the ArcGIS Explorer program folder, this can […]

GIS Tips – Don’t trust your GIS, have you heard of OSTN02?

You wouldn’t believe the number of GIS consultants. managers and technicians I have met who haven’t heard of OSTN02, what is more worrying some of them work in prominent roles and make some big decisions. Okay, so if you don’t live in the United Kingdom or work with UK spatial data, then you can switch […]